"I really want to make a game out of it."

This morning, I followed my usual routine of consuming a significant amount of information before officially beginning the day; it's the email-Twitter-news cycle that I've so gotten used to (and which I am trying to curtail). I ran across this tweet by Robert Yang that gave me pause: The tweet in question itself quotes a tweet referring to a news article by The Atlantic on a Japanese company…
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Join the Lab!

I am (always) seeking motivated, curious, and dedicated students to join the Laboratory for Quantitative Experience Design, my research laboratory at the University of Utah! My areas of interest are computational psychology, artificial intelligence, game design, and interactive narrative. Please view the projects page to see specific examples of the kind of work I am interested in pursuing. My…
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The Digital Camera of Games

When I began the course of my Ph.D. at North Carolina State University, I scored a chance meeting with David L. Roberts, then a recently minted Assistant Professor of Computer Science. I originally met David at Georgia Tech through its FOCUS Scholars program, back when I was considering going to Georgia Tech for graduate school (they ended up rejecting me, making the decision to not go that much…
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