Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera

I am Rogelio (rho-HEL-ee-oh), an Assistant Professor of the School of Computing and the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program at the University of Utah, where I direct the Laboratory for Quantitative Experience Design. [CV]

My research focuses on the design of interactive narratives, systems where users direct an unfolding story by taking on dramatic roles. Broadly speaking, I argue that the process of design requires computationally modeling our human narrative intelligence: our unique capacity to interpret stories and use them to understand the world around us. My work involves synthesizing, designing, developing, and experimentally evaluating intelligent artifacts that codify aspects of how we imagine ourselves acting within narrative environments.

Overall, the vision I am pursuing is the establishment of a science of interactive narrative design, in which we have identified invariant properties that exist between an inner environment (a person's cognitive states), an interface (narratological and ludological discourse), and an outer environment (virtual worlds), for all such constituent parts that we can imagine.

My research has been supported by the GEM Ph.D. Fellowship, and the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.

Rogelio on campus

School of Computing

Merrill Engineering Building, #3450
50 Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA

Entertainment Arts and Engineering

Bldg. 72, #214
332 S, 1400E
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA

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