Speaking at the CMU AI Lunch Seminar

Today I had a great time speaking about my research on interactive narrative player models at CMU's AI Lunch Seminar. My talk was titled: "Toward the Holodeck: Computational Models of Interactive Narrative and their Relation to Human Cognition" (if you'd like to see the slides, please let me know! For some reason I can't upload them to my server right now...)

Out of curiosity I decided to look at the history of prior AI seminar visitors. A partial list is below:

10/07/97 Andrew Moore
02/24/98 Herb Simon
03/10/98 Andy Barto
04/21/98 Martha E. Pollack (one of my academic grandmothers!)
09/29/98 Sebastian Thrun
10/19/99 Pat Langley
11/26/01 Ben Kuipers
03/19/02 Diane Litman
05/07/02 Manuela Veloso
10/15/02 Eric Horvitz
11/04/02 Ian Horswill
01/23/03 Michael I. Jordan
04/20/04 Leslie Pack Kaelbling
11/12/04 Judea Pearl
01/25/05 Michael Littman
03/23/05 Stuart Russell
02/21/05 Michael Genesereth
08/11/05 Sven Koenig
05/04/07 Andrew Ng
01/15/08 Kenneth D. Forbus
09/28/09 Ashwin Ram
05/11/10 John Laird
04/23/12 Paul Rosenbloom

I feel a sense of pride at being among such distinguished company! :)